Farting – Guy Loses to Cheyenne Jewel

Cheyenne Jewel is wrestling with her guy, but he’s no match for her strong legs! Once Cheyenne wraps her thighs around his throat, she’s in total control. After she wins their game, she wants her reward, and of course being a gassy girl, Cheyenne only wants one thing… to sit on his face and force him to sniff up her nasty farts! That poor guy didn’t know what he was in for; Cheyenne is full of disgusting gas, and she’s only happy when she sits on his face and forces him to breath in the funky smells radiating through her pants.

Cum Eating Instruction – Jerk Off Instruction Experiment, Phase 2

Watch Phase 1 here.

Welcome back to phase 2 of our study. Even though you were hesitant about our last experiment, we do need to continue on with the next session. After all, if you back out now we will be forced to take legal action, and all of your actions in the study will become public knowledge. Today’s experiment is to determine if we can train you to enjoy the taste of semen. Because your sample is only available at the end of our experiment, you will be ingesting small amounts of the previous participants sperm. I’ll give you a few drops of semen in your mouth throughout today’s session while you masturbate as I record your physiological responses. Now I’ll need you to hold this semen in your mouth until you cum, open up…

Belly Fetish – Belly Button Licking and Biting

What is it about the belly that drives my man crazy? Maybe it’s the smooth, soft skin there, or all the curves of my tummy that meet right where my belly button is. Once he gets a taste of my tummy, there’s no holding him back as he teases the inside of my navel with his tongue. His bites are hard and playful, and his sucking makes little red marks all around my stomach – which tickles me like crazy! Worshipped, tickled, fingered and licked… my belly gets all the attention.

Face Sitting – POV Bikini Squats

*FAN SUBMISSION* In this clip I’m going to do my work out routine, but not the normal way. I want you to lie down, because I’m going to do my squats right over your face! I’ve got my cute bikini on too, so you get the perfect view of my ass while I lower it right down over you. I might even have to use your face to rest my ass on when I need a little break from my squats. It’s pretty hot out too, so I hope things don’t get too sweaty for you…

Farting – Liquid Leggings, Kristy Snow

Today’s your lucky day because I’ve got Kristy Snow with me and we’re both full of nasty farts for you to sniff up. We’re going to shake and wiggle our dirty farts out through our shiny pants, and you better savor the scent of every last fart! Pretty girls like Kristy and I don’t deserve to smell any disgusting gas, so you better make sure you inhale it all!

Age Regression – POV New Daddy, Forced Cuckold Baby (Roleplay)

I think I’ve transitioned quite nicely into the role of being your Mommy. I’m pretty good at changing your diapers, and feeding you. But the problem is that your Mommy needs some special grownup attention now, and that’s something you can’t provide as a little baby… not that you were any good at fucking me when you were a man. I’m adding a big strong man to our family now, so he can take care of Mommy’s pussy, because it’s been too long… but don’t worry, Mommy won’t forget about her baby. I’ll put your crib in the bedroom to keep an eye on you while we fuck.

Throat Fetish – Licking Katrina Kox

I love how soft Katrina Kox’s neck looks, and when I get close I can sniff in all the sweet smells coming from her skin. But even better is the taste of Katrina’s neck when I glide my tongue across her throat. There’s not much better than having a long slender throat to worship and Katrina’s in for a treat because I can’t get enough of her sweet taste in my mouth.

Diaper Fetish – Jerk Off Instructions, Milkshake Lube, Cum in Diaper

I’ve got a nice full bottle for my little baby boy today, but you don’t get to drink it. Instead you’re going to use the milk to jerk off your tiny little dick. Now let me squirt some milk in your hands, and stick them down inside your diaper to rub yourself until you’re hard. Can you feel your cock bulging in your diaper now? That’s Mommies good boy! Now I’m going to count down for you, and when I get to 1, you get to cum all over the inside of your diaper and make it all wet and sticky for Mommy.

Giantess – Farting, Ex Boyfriend, Alina Snow

Alina Snow can’t believe her ex boyfriend cheated on her when they were together but now Alina has her ex shrunken down to a tiny little man. She finally has all the control she always wanted. Alina’s forcing her ex to take in all the dirty smells escaping her asshole. She’s pushing out her gas and her poor little ex is trapped in her nasty tornado of rotten farts!