Mouth Fetish – Inside Odette Delacroix

Charli Piper is letting you take a close and personal look inside her pretty little mouth. Get your flashlight ready because she’s opening her mouth nice and wide, and you get the perfect view of her wet slippery tongue, flexing and moving, just for you! Charli has the nicest white teeth, so strong and big, just the way you like them. Every inch of her warm wet mouth is visible for you in this clip.

Ass Licking – First Time

I can’t believe I found out that my man licked some other girls ass, and he’s never even licked mine! I’ve never my butthole worshipped before, but if he likes it so much, then he’s definitely going to love eating mine. I’m going to make him lick my ass right and make up for cheating on me. I hope he enjoys the taste of my perfect butthole, because he’s got a lot of ass licking left in his future if he wants me to keep him around for much longer.

Farting – Panties Face Sitting Breakup Revenge

Just when I thought things were so great between my man and I, he tells me that he wants to break up. If we’re ending things, then I want to go out with a bang! I tell him there’s something I’ve wanted to try, but really I just want to get my revenge. Of course the pervert totally fell for it, and I finally get my revenge by forcing my rotten smelling farts out, right up into his nostrils. I’m going to destroy his face with the stink of my farts, and this jerk deserves every last toxic fart I can force out! Nobody breaks up with me without getting punished. He’s going to smell like my asshole for days after this!

Diaper Fetish – Boyfriend Humiliation, Maia Davis

I finally get to introduce Maia Davis to my boyfriend so she can get to see how pathetic he is now wearing his big puffy diaper. I get to show her how excited he gets when I speak to him in baby talk, which is so sad and hilarious. Unfortunately, my man was not on his best behavior, and had a disgustingly smelly dirty diaper! There’s no way I was going to change him, and Maia sure wasn’t going to either, so I guess he’ll just have to sit in his filthy diaper for a while. Sitting in his own $hit makes his little dick hard anyway, so I doubt he’ll be complaining!

Ass Sniffing – Maia Davis Solo

Maia Davis loves the smell of her own body. She can’t help herself from taking in the scents of her armpits, pussy, and best of all… her ass! She’s taking her long sexy fingers and covering them with the stench of her smelly asshole, just so she can find out exactly how sweet that smell is. Maia’s always been a curious girl, and now she’s finding out exactly what she’s been missing!

Giantess – Teacher Student, Charli Piper, Anal

Charli Piper had the longest day at work. She has the most annoying students, and she was so frustrated that she shrunk one of them down, just to punish them when she got home! Her tiny student is getting a punishment way worse than any detention today. Charli’s going to force her tiny pupil up her tight asshole, so she can smother him with her smelly butthole.

Spit Fetish – Jerk Off Instructions, with Bad Breath, Saliva, Cum Eating Instructions

If you wanna jack off today then you have to use my spit as your lube. I didn’t even brush my teeth today, so my breath and spit are extra smelly. Now get out your cock so I can cover it in my dirty spit! Your dick is going to reek of the smell of my nasty bad breath saliva… but you’re such a pervert I know it’s going to make you cum. And when you finally blow your load to my count, I’m going to make you swallow every last drop of your sticky cum!

Farting – Trapped in Car

*CUSTOM* This is a really hot clip where I’ve got you trapped in the car with me, forcing you to smell all my rotten farts! I put the child lock on so you can’t get out, and all the windows are rolled up. We’re hot boxing my stinky farts, and you’re forced to smell all the horrible gas I’m pushing out through my jeans. There’s no escaping these toxic fumes, but I have a feeling by the look on your face, that you’re just the type of dirty boy that likes sniffing in all my ass stink.

Armpits – Stepsister, Licking Maia Davis

I learned something weird in school today, so I wanted to ask my stepsister, Maia Davis, what she thought. My teacher says armpits are an erogenous zone, and we’re both really curious about how licking armpits actually feels. After covering each other’s delicate pits with our spit, I think we’ve both decided that the feel of a soft wet tongue, licking every inch of that delicate crevice, actually feels really amazing! It’s official, armpits are pretty sexy, so maybe my teacher knows what he’s talking about.

Ass Licking – POV, Sex Therapy Humiliation

The last time we met, I gave you a little assignment to do with your wife. It’s a shame she still finds what you want to be disgusting. But I’m your therapist, so I’m not going to give up on you just yet. I’m going to spread my ass wide open for you, so you can get down and lick my dirty asshole! Since your wife hasn’t been giving you what you desire, I’m going to. Now stick out your tongue, and lick my ass… show your therapist just how badly you want the taste of dirty ass on your tongue.